Marseilles-born Chris Boyer discovered photography in 1978. In no time, this passionate self-taught artist acquired the technique and indulged in his retinal vibrations. He modestly considers that he “takes pictures like anybody else”, but his sharp, bright vision captures at 1/500 seconds the expressions, actions, moments that nobody else can perceive. Always on the lookout for a “good picture”, he instinctively captures the pulse of the city, shapes, music, light, with a discreet talent.

The starting point of Chris Boyer’s photography is his desire to keep track of things. Every experience leaves behind a trace, and pictures can act as witnesses, whether fact or fiction.  Every shot marks the passage of time. His preference for black and white translates his persistent quest for truth, in line with the long standing tradition of street photography. What makes Chris Boyer unique though, is his ability to compose with discretion but never making concessions to reality, relentlessly subjective, influenced by the cinematographic aesthetics, his images are profoundly respectful of the people they represent, converging into the lineage of humanistic photography.

Chris Boyer’s photography forms a narrative, certain pictures are rough, even tragic, in particular his portraits, but they become silent and touching when he approaches a sunflower. In all instances, he tries to understand, never judging, simply gazing at his environment so as to interpret what he sees with the sensitivity of being human, a quest for the beauty that lies within the human soul, the depth that lies within the hearts and minds. Chris Boyer seizes the essence of things with an exceptionally delicate “vision”.